Kanom Salee


1.wheat flour 1 1/2 cup
2.egg 10 egg
3.sugar 1 1/2 cup
4.lemon 2 teaspoon

making step
1.winnow flour
2.punch egg and use stick whiping
3.mix sugar and lemon during whip
4.mix flour and slow whip
5.warm tray and take mixer in the tray and cooked by heat or boiling6.if sweet cooked will not catch wood dip

Kanom Cassava


1.cassava 1Kg.
2.Suger 1/3 kg
3.Tountooke Coconut 1 kg
4.flower water 4-1/2 cup

Making Step

1.Peel out the cassava and slice and wait
2.slice the coconut in tube style.
3.mix sugar+flower water
4.mix it all and put in blow for cooked or put in banana leaf for cooked(up to you)

Kanom Pumpkin


1.Rice flour 1 cup
2.tapioca flour 1/4 cup
3.Best grind pumpkin 1 cup

4.kati(Coconut water) 1/4 cup
5.sugar 1 cup

Making Step

1.Mix Rice flour+tapioca flour+sugar+best grind pumpkin and slow put in the kati and mix in
lasting step.
2.take in the product to pan
3.take pan to heat up for 20 minute until cooked.and wait 10 minute
4.Serve with coconut slice.


Kanom Ping


1.tapioca flour 1-1/2 Cup
2.Kati 1 Cup
3.yolk of egg 2 pieces
4.Sugar 1/2 Cup

Making Step

1.Mik Sugar with kati and boil.knead it for sticky. Put the yolk of egg and Knead.
2.Fried the tapioca flour and mix with step1 and knead.
3.Mold the step 2 for little ball.Take it to oven.
4.When it finished take it out and wait and candle smoke

Kanom Nam Dok Mai


1.Khaw Jaow Flour 1 Cup
2.Taw Yai Mom Flour 2 tablespoon
3.Sugar 1 Cup
4.water(For making Syrup) 1 Cup
5.Jasmine water 1 Cup
6.Food Color(up to you like)

Making Step

1.Mix Sugar with jasmine water and take it for boil and wait for5 minute.
2.Mix 2 type of flour and knead.
3.put the syrup in flour and knead.
4.put the jasmine water in step3 and put the food color(up to you like) Boil it and serve.

Kanom Tarn

1.Khaw Jaow flour 4+1/2 Cup
2.Toddy palm 1 Cup
3.Kati 4+1/2 Cup
4.Sugar 3 Cup
5.Tume Tuk Coconut Slice 3 Cup
6.Salt 1 Teaspoon

Making Step

1.Mix Toddy palm and water in the blow.So Keep it in plastic bag(pierce) and wait 24 hours.
2.Mix kati 3 cup with sugar and boil for 10 minute and turn off the fire.So wait
3.Mix Khaw Jaow flour with Toddy palm and put on kati. knead conform all for softy.Wait 3-4 Hours
4.Cut the banana leaf and making the cup(2 Corner) Scoop (step 3) in to banana leaf cup.
5.Take The banana leaf cup for boil 15 minute and serve.


Sticky rice with syrup


1.sticky rice 1 Cup
2.sugar 2 cup
3.water with flower(Up to you) 2 cup
4.Banana Leaf wide 1" inch5.Ice slice

Making Step

1.Cleaning sticky rice
2.Put sticky rice in water,stir and wait for 5 minute
3.Boil the sticky rice
4.Making syrup by use sugar and water with flower in boil.
5.Making the banana leaf in triangle style and put in the sticky rice and boil .
6.Serve with syrup,ice and sticky rice.